Sign Up Info

We are working alongside our event partners to ensure that everyone who enters the event is well prepared to take on the Jersey Round Island Challenge 2016!

Our event partners providing this service are established clubs on the island who will provide support to those taking part in each of our race categories. They include:

  • Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club (JLDSC)
  • Jersey Triathlon Club
  • Jersey Paddle Club
  • Jersey Rowing Club
  • Jersey Canoe club


Each race category will be managed and supported by a relevant local club, who will provide essential support, training and safety guidelines.

We are encouraging all participants to take advantage of this support by becoming a member of the associated Jersey club for their race category.

Each club has developed a list of key information to ensure that all new sign ups are well prepared and supported in taking on the challenge. Entrants must consider the below information before signing up.

1) The JLDSC

  1. Sign up as a member of the JLDSC by contacting Wendy Trehiou (
  2. Take part in training sessions with the club which can be found on the club website .
  3. The club will ensure you are race fit which will include you passing a medical and completing a 2 hour practice sea swim. Note – Wetsuits are not permitted.
  4. The JLDSC will ratify your swim and add your time to their records
  5. A safety boat will be provided for each team
  6. Should you need additional swimmers or wish to join a team then we can help, just let us know

The JLDSC will inform you of their upcoming training sessions. However here are a few dates that may be of interest: 

  • JLDSC meet Tuesday night at Aquasplash from 7:30-8:30pm every week. (From June the 7th they move into the sea)
  • They also start sea swimming on Sunday’s in May. Details on the JLDSC website.
  • Sally Minty- Gravett, a member of the JLDSC is running a sea swim club over half term. All members are free to join for a day/ for the week. Click here to read more!
  • Three experienced sea swimmers, Simon O’Donoghue, Toni and Craig Swart, who completed a round island swim last year for the Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation will be running ad hoc swim sessions (The JLDSC will update on this.) 

2) The Jersey Rowing Club

  1. Entrants should be a member of Jersey Rowing Club. If you are not already a member and wish to join the Club then please contact
  2. Take part in training sessions which can be found on the Jersey Rowing Club website
  3. To take part in the Jersey Round Island Race the club will need to ensure that you are race fit. As a minimum, you must have completed the Sark to Jersey rowing race before attempting this race.


*Information of training schedules for the remaining clubs will be updated soon*