The Round the Rock: Grace Crocker Challenge 2015

Many islanders may have heard of the Round the Rock: Grace Crocker Challenge 2015 which occurred as part of the Round the Rock Ultra Marathon on August 1st 2015.

Aidan McAvinue (Chairman of the GCFSF) and Simon O’Donoghue, two Jersey business partners, decided to compete in a fundraiser with a difference by racing each other around the island. With the winner buying the other a beer, Aidan ran the distance of 48 miles whilst Simon swam 45 miles (an equal distance with tides) to complete a full circle of Jersey.

To read the full article in the Jersey Evening Post and to find out who won click here!

Several other islanders took part in the fundraiser to raise over £10,000 for the GCFSF, the day was such a success that the charity’s own annual event was created, the Jersey Round Island Challenge 2016.