Swim Information

The swim category of the Jersey Round Island Challenge is kindly sponsored by;

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Please find below the event information as it currently stands. We are constantly reviewing all information and the final event information will be shared as a race information pack in advance of the event.

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Race Start / Finish – The start and finish location will be Long Beach, Grouville. This is where the Event HQ will be.

Swim Route – the swim 45-mile route will be identical to the round island swim route that the JLDSC have used on previous round island swims.

Relay Swimming Legs – Six swimmers will make up a swimming relay team, although teams of five will be permitted. Each swimmer will swim for 1 hour before rotating with a team member. Depending on team time some swimmers will swim once and some twice. Wetsuits must not be worn.

Should you need additional swimmers or wish to join a team then we can help, just let us know and we will find you a team / swimmer.

Safety Boat – the event will provide each team with their own safety boat. Please note that this boat will be dedicated to each team and will stay with the team throughout the entire challenge.

Live Tracking – Each team (safety boat) will be allocated a tracking device allowing us (and your family and friends) to track your location at any given time. Swimmer movements will be displayed on a live moving map.

Distances The swim relay is controlled by times and not distance, each swimmer will swim for 1 hour before rotating to the next team member.

 Other useful information:

  • Swimmers will be provided with some snacks and drinks on their boat
  • Swimmers should carry a mobile phone with them for extra security and safety on their boats

For any additional Jersey Round Island Challenge Swim questions you may have, please contact Simon O’Donoghue – Simon.ODonoghue@smithandwilliamson.com

Important Event Information for sign up

The experienced Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club (JLDSC) will advise on the safety of the swim challenge category. They will provide essential support, training and safety guidelines.

For the sake of safety, every entrant must first demonstrate that they are fit and capable to participate in this endurance event before being allowed to take on the challenge. Sign off for participation will come from an experienced Jersey club member.

Once you have signed up for the Jersey Round Island Challenge the JLDSC have recommended the below next steps to ensure you are race fit for the 31 August 2019:

  • Sign up as a member of the JLDSC by contacting Jenny Fitzgerald  (jerseyldsc@gmail.com).
  • Take part in training sessions with the club which can be found on the club website jerseyseaswims.org .
  • The club will ensure you are race fit. This will include you passing a medical and completing a 2-hour practice sea swim in water 16 degrees Celcius or below and at least 14 days prior to the event. Note – Wetsuits are not permitted.

Swim Fact Sheet

All swimmers will be send a swim fact sheet with all the information they need.

Swim Assessments

The swim clubs will be organising two local swim assessments. Date and location to be confirmed.

Swim Medicals 

Each swimmer will be required to complete a swim medical form and returned to the organisers prior to the event. Forms can be found here


The JLDSC will inform you of their upcoming training sessions. However here are a few dates that may be of interest:

  • JLDSC meet Tuesday night at Aquasplash from 7:30-8:30pm every week. (From June the 7th they move into the sea)
  • They also start sea swimming on Sunday’s in May. Details on the JLDSC website.
  • Sally Minty- Gravett, a member of the JLDSC is running a sea swim club over half term. All members are free to join for a day/ for the week. Click here to read more!

Three experienced sea swimmers, Simon O’Donoghue, Toni and Craig Swart, who completed a round island swim last year for the Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation will be running ad hoc swim sessions (The JLDSC will update on this.)

Post Race Prize-giving and Drinks

Our event is all about supporting the community and celebrating the Jersey lifestyle – our event HQ will be open to all throughout the day. All participants of all five-race categories are invited to join us after they have finished to celebrate your achievements.

There will be a prize giving and finger food will be provided courtesy of the event sponsors and a bar and hot food will be available to purchase.