Run Information

Please find below the event information as it currently stands. We are constantly reviewing all information and the final event information will be shared as a race information pack in advance of the event.

Race Start / Finish – The start time is 8am and the location is Grouville, Long Beach. The finish will be at the same location as the start! One full loop of the Island.

Running Route – the run 48 mile route will follow the same course as the round island walk and will take place on trails, cliffs paths, roads and pavements.

Relay Running Legs – Two, five or eight runners will make up a running relay team.


Please see the 2018 distances below for an 8 persons relay team.

Relay Legs Distance Information Description of Leg
1: Longbeach to White Rock 6.2 miles / 9.9km Flat, Rugged off-road hills.
2: White Rock to Bouley Bay 3.3 miles / 5.3km Rugged off-road hills
3: Bouley Bay to La Fontaine 4 miles / 6.4km Rugged off-road hills
4: La Fontaine to Greve de Lecq 4.5 miles / 7.2km Rugged off-road hills, Road
5: – Greve de Lecq to Le Braye 8.5 miles / 13.6km Rugged off-road hills, Road, Beach
6: – Le Braye to Noirmont 7.9 miles / 12.7km Flat road, Rugged off-road hills
7: – Noirmont to Westpark 5.8 miles / 9.3km Flat road, some off-road paths
8: – West Park to Longbeach  7.8 miles / 12.5km Flat road, some beach

All above are 8 leg relays change over points (option of 7 team with no change over at Bouley Bay).

5-person relay legs are:

  • 1 Longbeach to Bouley Bay –  9.5 miles / 15.2km
  • 2 Bouley Bay to Greve de Lecq – 8.5miles / 13.6km
  • 3 Greve de Lecq to Le Braye  – 8.5 miles / 13.6km
  • 4 Le Braye to Westpark – 13.7 miles / 22km
  • 5 Westpark to Longbeach – 7.8 miles / 12.5km

2-person relay legs are:

  • 1 Longbeach to Le Braye – 26.5 miles / 42.6km
  • 2 Le Braye to Longbeach – 21.5 miles / 34.6km

Please note main drink & food stations are:

  1. La Fontaine @ 13 mile / 20.9km
  2. Le Braye @ 26.5 mile / 42.6km
  3. Noirmont @ 34.4 mile / 55.3km
  4. Westpark @ 40.2 mile / 64.6km

*Note each relay station will have a small supply of water & fruit.

If you wish to join the Jersey Round Island Challenge but don’t yet have a run relay team  please contact us at

Runners please note the following:

  1. Runners compete in this event entirely at their own risk, including but not limited to road crossings and all other hazards of the cliff paths.
  2. We will not be supplying drinking cups. All runners MUST carry their own bottles Minimum size 500ml to refill at the Water/fuel stops.
  3. In addition to medical information provided by the runner during the online registration process, runners must fully disclose at race registration, changes to existing medical conditions and all prescription medications being taken.
  4. There are many road crossings to negotiate, some of them are extremely busy and will NOT be marshalled. It is the responsibility of the runner to negotiate all road crossings safely.
  5. The race is using areas with precious wild life/flora and fauna. Please carry all your food/gel wrappers with you and deposit at water station bins.
  6. It is ultimately the runners responsibility to navigate the course successfully, with or without course markings. We strongly recommend that you take the time to recce the route before race day & carrying a map
  7. 70% of the course is on cliff paths. Trail shoes are advised but you will be able to complete the course perfectly adequately in road running shoes. There are sections of trail where the granite has become exposed which can make it slippery and technical in the wet. Please use due care and attention on steep downhill sections, particularly the flights of steep and rutted stairs.
  8. Mobile telephone numbers should be logged with the organisers and carried with runners at all times.
  9. All full distance runners should have completed a marathon before entering.
  10. All relay runners should have completed a 10k race before entering.

Runner Information Race Packa detailed race information document is available to read! Please click here. 

Team Sign Up Process – We only need the team captains to sign up initially for a team entry. The remaining team members can register at a later date and at any time on the online system.

Role of Team Captain – The team captain should appoint runners for each leg and share this information with the organisers. Should a team change then no problem, just keep us updated so that we know who is in your final team.

Training Sessions – training sessions on the cliff paths will be scheduled in the run up to the event.

Post Race Prize-giving and Drink

Our event is all about supporting the community and celebrating the Jersey lifestyle – our event HQ will be open to all throughout the day. All participants of all five-race categories are invited to join us from 4:30pm to celebrate achievements which is based in Grouville, Long Beach mound (overlooking the beach, to greet our swimmers and runners!!).

The organisers would like all participants to join us from 7:00pm for the prize giving where all competitors will receive their medals and top performer awards will be given out. Finger food will be provided courtesy of the event sponsors and a bar and hot food will be available to purchase.