Row Information

Please find below the event information as it currently stands. We are constantly reviewing all information and the final event information will be shared as a race information pack in advance of the event.

Race Start / Finish –The provisional start time is 6:00 am and location will be confirmed shortly.

Row Route – the row 45-mile route will be very similar to the round island rowing route that the Jersey Rowing Club have used on previous round island races.

Row Categories – The rowing challenge will consist of a mix of entry; single, pairs and fours.

Safety Boat – Row teams will be responsible for providing a safety boat and first aid cover on the water to accompany them throughout the rowing challenge.

Live Tracking – Each team (where feasible) will be allocated a tracking device allowing us (and your family and friends) to track your location at any given time. Rowers movements will be displayed on a live moving map.

Distances – The rowing challenge is 45 miles long

Important Event Information for sign up

The experienced Jersey Rowing Club will manage the safety of the row challenge category. They will provide essential support, training and safety guidelines as well as ratify your row and add your achievement to their records.

For the sake of safety, every entrant must first demonstrate that they are fit and capable to participate in this endurance event before being allowed to take on the challenge. Sign off for participation will come from an experienced Jersey club member.

Once you have signed up for the Jersey Round Island Challenge the Jersey Rowing Club have recommended the below next steps to ensure you are race fit for the 14 July 2018:

  • Entrants should be a member of Jersey Rowing Club. If you are not already a member and wish to join the Club then please contact
  • Take part in training sessions which can be found on the Jersey Rowing Club website
  • To take part in the Jersey Round Island Race the club will need to ensure that you are race fit. As a minimum, you must have completed the Sark to Jersey rowing race before attempting this race.

Post Race Prize-giving and Drinks

All participants of all five race categories are invited to join us for some celebratory drinks at the Event HQ Marquee. The location and prize-giving time is to be confirmed.  All competitors should be back to attend. All medals and top performer awards will be handed out on the evening. Finger food will be provided courtesy of the event sponsors.