Kayak/Surf Ski Kayak Information

Kayak Information

Please find below the event information as it currently stands. We are constantly reviewing all information and the final event information will be shared as a race information pack in advance of the event.


Race Start / Finish – The start and finish location of the on water disciplines is Ouaisne Beach. There will be a registration area near the Ouaisne beach slip. *Start times will be confirmed in due course.

Distances – The Kayak challenge is approximately 40 miles long.

Kayak Route – the 40-mile course will follow a predefined route by the Jersey Canoe Club.

Kayak Categories – The Kayak challenge will consist of single, double and relay team of two or face Kayak entries, and as a sub-category, we also have the option for single, double and relay team of two Surf Ski Kayak entries.

Safety Boat – the event, with the support of volunteer boat owners will be providing safety boat and first aid cover on the water and on land.

Live Tracking – Each Kayak (where feasible) will be allocated a tracking device allowing us (and your family and friends) to track your location at any given time. Kayak movements will be displayed on a live moving map.

Important Event Information for sign up

The Jersey Canoe Club will manage the safety of the Kayak challenge category. They will provide essential support, training and safety guidelines as well as ratify your paddle and add your achievement to their records.

For the sake of safety, every entrant must first demonstrate that they are fit and capable to participate in this endurance event before being allowed to take on the challenge. Sign off for participation will come from an experienced Jersey club member for sit inside sea kayaks, and from Derek Hairon (www.jerseykayakadventures.co.uk/go/contact-us) for ocean skis.

The event is around 40 miles. At times you will be paddling 1 mile or more from the shore. The 2016 record time for kayaks was 4 hours 57 minutes.

Surf Ski Kayak Rules & Competitors Statement

All competitors must read and sign the attached competitor statement before participating in the JRIC 2019. Please hand this in at registration.

Competitor Statement

** Before signing up for the Jersey Round Island Challenge you must meet the following criteria and ensure you are race fit for the 31 August 2019**:


Automatic Qualifying Criteria to Participate

Anyone with BCU 4 or 5 star certificates automatically qualifies.

At least one person must be BCU 4 or 5 star certificates in a double kayak.


Surf Ski Paddlers who have completed the “Icon Classic” race in 2017 (or similar in Europe or overseas) and have finished within the top ten of their class. Or, have achieved similar results in the 2016 GB series (or similar in Europe or overseas). Please submit evidence of your qualifying results in the Icon classic/2016 GB series when you enter.

If you do not have BC 4 or 5 star awards or, meet the surf ski criteria (above) you must:

Sit inside style sea kayaks:

Take part in specialist training/try-out sessions provided by the Jersey Canoe Club (JCC) for sit inside style sea kayaks – and be signed off as competent- (Saturday mornings Jun/Jul to be confirmed via John Richardson Jersey Canoe Club). Ensure you are race fit by completing the ½ Island Paddle (Date to be confirmed – Contact John Richardson 07797831209).

Surf Ski Kayak paddlers:

Ocean Ski paddlers must have attended specialist training/courses provided by the Jersey Kayak Adventures – and be signed off as competent- (Saturday mornings Jun/Jul dates to be confirmed – see below). Surf-ski paddlers must ensure they are race fit by completing the ½ Island Paddle (Date to be confirmed (Contact Derek Hairon 07797853033).

All participants must:

  • Carry a VHF marine radio or mobile phone (in a waterproof pouch with lanyard attached to your PFD) which is accessible and useable at all times on the water in additionto the Spot Tracker (provided by the race organisers).
  • Carry a flare (day-smoke or laser flare or laser strobe) to assist any rescuer pinpoint your position.
  • You MUST Carry a spare pair of paddles which are accessible on the kayak.
  • Provide “on-deck/on-person” food and water for energy and full hydration throughout the event.
  • All paddlers are required to wear Lifejackets (pfd’s), please note competitors who finish the race without their lifejacket (pfd) on will be disqualified.

Cut Off Times 

For safety reasons there will be cut-off times at specific points around Jersey. The cut off times will be communicated in race the race briefing and must be adhered to.

Post Race Prize-giving and Drinks

Event organisers would like to invite all competitors, friends and family to join us at Event HQ to celebrate the achievements throughout the day, which will be located at Long Beach, Grouville.